Hey fellas, are you a fond of fighting games? If your answer is yes I would like to present you amazing flash game from McLeodGaming – Super Smash Flash 2 and of course you can play it online at our blog because we have unblocked version.

Super Smash Flash 2 UnblockedWhat I like the most in this game is that it has various different characters as well as maps, each character has its own unique attack abilities and special moves, in order to master the game you will have to play it for a while. In time you will understand what each character is capable of, how to use their spells, when to fall back and when to attack, all these small details in total can have huge outcome.

SSF 2 unlike other fighting games has no health bar, instead it indicates your taken damage in percentages, once you reach 100% enemy has opportunity to knock you off from the stage and it will lead to your defeat. Pay close attention to your percentages and don’t allow your opponent to increase it.

Another important thing to mention is that that in this game you will meet nearly all popular legendary characters from different anime shows, from different games, cartoons, etc. For example here you can play as Naruto, Mario, Sonic, Ichigo and many more. Cool isn’t it? Oh and all these characters have spells according to their abilities in these various TV shows. Naruto can turn into Jinchūriki, Sonic can run fast, Ichigo has special sword attack abilities and… well you get the point right?

Controls of the game are pretty comfortable, even basic ones and if you want to change key bindings you can always do so by visiting game menu. Game is made in retro style, everything looks smooth and during fast fights nothing bugs.

Super Smash Flash 2 Unblocked gets updates very often, developers fix different bugs or add new characters time after time, there are lot of new updates and new features so I promise you that you won’t feel bored while playing it.